Sunday, May 2, 2010

PSA Imovie Nets-3

This is an Imovie that I created for class that touches on the subject of hate crimes on college campuses. I edited clips, added transitions, screen effects, music, and then posted the video onto youtube.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crossword Puzzle-Nets 1

This is a crossword puzzle that I created using Excel.
It meets the Nets 1 standard because it pushed the
student to generate new ideas, and apply their existing
knowledge to a new product, while having the freedom
of creativity and individuality in their creation.

Monday, April 26, 2010

JCCS Internet Safety Collaboration Nets-2

JCCS Internet Safety Collaboration was a collaboration paper that was created using google Docs. Google docs is a program that offers you the flexibility of writing a paper and having access to it at any computer or writing one document with other classmates. It gives the writer the opportunity to share their work and have it edited by other classmates which can be extremely useful for students in all grades. I think this project meets Nets 5 because it pushes the student to understand issues related to technology we well as how to practice safe and responsible behavior while on the computer. Overall, this Internet Safety Collaboration really goes into depth on how to stay productive, while practicing ethical behavior.

Writing Penzu thoughts..... - CSUSM Web 2.0 Tools for Educators-Nets 2

Writing Penzu thoughts..... - CSUSM Web 2.0 Tools for Educators
Nets 2 standard in the fact that students can use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively or on their own. It's a program that allows flexibility in it's use and can be worked into just about any classroom.
Penzu sample!
What is the tool and what does it do?This tool allows the user to create an on-line journal in which they can share their thoughts, ideas, assignments, pictures, etc. It can open or you have an option of locking the pages that you don't want people to see. It just allows you webspace to have your thoughts or notes online with the security that you want for your personal information.
How might it be used with a particular age or grade level?I think this could be used for all sorts of ages and groups, but especially maybe teenagers that might have a ton of assignments that are due that they need to keep track of or notes that they need to remember. I think it's useful because it eliminates that fact that students lose notes when bringing them back and forth from home to school and they can utilize them from where ever they might be at the time.
What is an example of a project that this grade level could do?I think children in the lower ages elementary grades would benefit from having this tool because they could have a small time in class where they can keep an online journal of all their reading assignments and what they've been learning from their reading since I know that is a huge paper trail in elementary school with the mandatory reading amounts.
Sample posted as an example
You can see what Penzu looks like and the simplicity of it at the top of my page OR start your own by clicking on my link!...
ConsiderationsThe only thing I would have to consider when bringing this into my classroom is the fact that the students have to be responsible and use this website to their advantage and yet not take advantage. I think this website would make giving/sending information about classwork and homework a lot easier and possibly cheating and so you just have to make sure that your students know the ground rules and make sure to stick to them.
Would you use this tool in your class room and why?

I would use this tool in my classroom for several reasons. First they can use it at school and then access their notes or homework assignments from wherever they are and secondly it really cuts down on the paper usage. They could be writing important reading journals and logs on this website and savings our world at the same time.

Prezi (Presentation Software) Nets 1 & 3

This presentation of the standards was created in
Prezi, which is a Presentational Software that
allows the student or teacher to easily and
creatively express their ideas for projects or
assignments in a new modern fashion
that can keep the interest of just about
This presentation meets the standards
of Nets 1because it gives the student the
ability to create original work as a way
to express individual ideas or those of
the group. Additionally it also meets
Nets 3, in the way that this software makes the
user plan, organize, and evaluate their date
in which they are presenting, all the while using
a new media technology tool!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Wiki Page-Nets 3

This is my Wiki Page that I created in the Wetpaint. The tool that I chose to learn was in the writing category and it was called Penzu. This allows you to get onto this website, login and write on a piece of paper. It literally looks like paper and you can add pictures, links, and save it and then next time you have access to your work. When using this program, your not limited to just writing a document on your home computer and that limited access. It's very similar to Google Docs, but it's more aesthetically pleasing and it's your own private document. This wiki page meets the standard of Nets 3 because it allows you to use technology in your room, while being able to evaluate different tools to use in your classroom and evaluate what tools would be best for your students!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Inspiration project- Nets 3

My Inspiration project is based on the Nets as the main points and then from each Net standard I have 2 artifacts that meet the standard. I think meets the Nets 3 because the Inspiration program allows you to organize, analyze and use technology to present your ideas and your information gathered to a whole variety of people and sources.